Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bling Bling!

:bling: to dress or adorn in a flashy way:

A few months ago I posted about embellishing sneakers and since then I've been embellishing up some stuff. I have tons of ideas I want to try but I lack the time to fit them all in. Since my last post I've done at least five pairs of Converse, Chuck Taylor's.  The great thing is everything is a one of a kind piece because I just simply can't do them the same. It's also nice to have something that everyone doesn't have.

I've also been experimenting with other items but I need to make a few more before I'm ready to put it out there for others. From Mi To You is officially taking orders...

Here are a few pictures of some Junk Chuck's I've done.

I added a little splash to the back of her Chuck's.

Normally I like to work on a fresh canvas (new shoes) but this was for my besties daughter.
She already had a pair of Chuck Taylor's so I just spiced them up.

I did these as a birthday gift to an adorable 1 year old girl.

These were done as a birthday gift as well. They were our first official order.
*body roll*

These were for a newborn baby.
They are so teeny tiny.

I made these for my baby girl.

Mommy & Daughter Junk Chuck's

Adult Junk Chuck's, they took a while to do.
Hidden in the mix is a tube of lipstick, a wing, a crown, a skull and a heart with wings.

Hidden in the mix is a set of lips, a wing, a crown, a motorcycle, a heart locket and key

I rocked my Junk Chuck's while in NYC
I ended up switching out the red bow for black.

To place an order contact us at or just click the envelope on the right side