Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Diaper Cakes

To date I've only made two diaper cakes but I hope to make more. (I need folks to make some babies.) I've always wanted to try my hand at making a diaper cake but I was clueless. I've seen all kinds (thanks to Google) but only a couple in person. When I saw one for the first time my thought was cute and I can so do that. Well that attitude got me here.

My best friend Keeya was having a baby boy (my godson) and this was the perfect time for me to take a stab at the diaper cake. I looked up some pictures on Google to help me figure out where to start and how I was going to bring this all together. I went to the store and gathered my materials.

Below are a list of things I purchased:
-Pampers Brand size 1 diapers (newborn was too small)
- Bibs
- Stuffed animal
- Ribbon
- Rubber bands
- Baby scrap book cut outs
- 16 in. Cake Circles
- Tulle

These are the 16 in cake circles I used to hold my diaper cake.

I rolled each diaper up individually and then put a rubber band around it.
I used small rubber bands that you put on hair.

An excellent pack of vibrant bibs to give the cake some color.

A view from the top. I wrapped the bibs around the
diapers to add in some color and personality. I was
going for an animal/jungle theme so I picked everything based on that.

I'm pleased with my end result especially since this is my first time.
I added in the scrap book cutouts to keep it from being so plain.

Since she was expecting a baby boy I selected the chocolate brown ribbon
with a small trim of blue. I had to keep it "boyish".

I placed it on the cardboard round and wrapped it up in tulle and put ribbon on it.
I traveled with it to NC and it was snug as a bug in a rug. =)

Here is the card I made to go with it.

My second chance to make another diaper cake would come a year or so later when I was expecting my second child. This time I got to make a girl themed diaper cake and I was super excited. I decided that I want my shower theme to be "Cute as a Button". I was going to take that theme and run with it and I did.

Below are a list of things I purchased:
- Pampers Brand size 1 diapers (newborn was too small)
- Buttons
- Ribbon
- Rubber bands
- Baby scrap book stickers
- Circle cardboard (I had some leftover from my previous purchase)
- Wooden Circle
- Yellow paint

I used the same formula/technique as I did with the fist diaper cake and I ended up with another winner. I'm all about a topper and this one was even better. I purchased a wooden round circle, my Babe used his circle saw and cut four holes in it for me. Made it look real button like, then he spray painted it yellow for me. I wedged it into the top row of my diapers and added an "It's a Girl" sticker to it.  I wrapped the different color polka dot ribbons to give it personality. Then I attached a different color button to the front of each layer. From there I attached some baby stickers to a wooden toothpick and stuck them into the diapers.
I used my Cricut machine to cut out my cute as a button letter.
I attached buttons on each end for a finishing touch.

Since it was a baby-shower I made little onesie to fit the theme.

The other onesie had a little baby girl on them announcing "It's a girl".

I love the way my cakes have turned out and I look forward to making more.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your diaper cakes with us. They are adorable!!!

  2. Thanks bestbabyproductsdepot, I enjoy joy creating them.