Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Stickers for my Bikers

From Mi To You fell into a line of work we never saw coming. My love is a motorcycle rider and frequents the race track. Before his first trip he needed a number to put on his bike. Very simple right, when you see racing on TV everyone has a number, well they are no different.

I whip out my Cricut Machine and create him a few stickers. No biggie, well then his friends wanted and needed stickers. Then it turned into names and numbers. We've done a variety of stickers for the motorcycle community. Because they are so near and dear to my heart I couldn't say no.

Here are a few I've done...

In May of this year three of my boyfriend's friends died within three days.
2 died together and the other by himself. In honor of them I made him stickers
with their names. While Scrappy, Herb & Mike are no longer with us in this life;
they get a little ride every time he goes out.  Of the three he was closest to Herb and his
number was #24. You will see a lot of #24 stickers as many riders put them
on their bikes in honor of a fallen friend.
Street Team is the name of their crew #24

#35 is his track number, #24 is in honor of his fallen friend
#24 in honor of Herb

This is a picture of Herb on the Race Track
I made these 24's for him because that was his number of choice.
Side view of Herb's bike.
He was so excited once the stickers were put on his bike.
And they looked really good.

Another Street Team sticker in a different set of colors

Another Street Team sticker in a different set of colors

This was Herb's other bike, as you can see I made several yellow #24's for him
Ms. Love (I made those with a new fancy font) and she is also representing #24
Here is a look at the above stickers in the making.

If you click to enlarge the picture you will see the multiple sets of roman numerals in red.
This is my Babe's track bike with Herb #24 in his rearview.
Here is a closer look at the roman numerals on the front of his bike.
I don't create these numbers alone, my Babe is a big part of the process.
Now he can make them start to finish without my help.
Being crafty is contagious, I try to pass it on as much as I can, as often as I can.


  1. I love how your creativity continues to flow and your "Babe" has caught the fever!

  2. Your creativity is amazing! I am sure the motorcycle community and your "babe" are extremely honored you keep the "Street Team" and "#24" very much alive and well!