Saturday, August 10, 2013

Experimental Embellishing

I told yall I had ideas beyond Junk Chuck's. Here are a few other creations; I'm still tweaking these to get them just right. But I am my best tester and if you are going to make something for others it should be something you would totally rock out yourself.

I wanted to take a stab at making a cell phone case.
Not bad for my first try but I still need to do more research.

After I got these funky embellishments I knew I wanted to do a jean jacket.
They are all the rage right now too. This is totally my style.

I rocked my vest while in NYC. I also had on a pair of Junk Chuck's

This was my second try at a cell phone case.
Better but still not there.


  1. That cellphone case is super cute. You should sell those bad boys!!!!

    1. Thanks, I totally thought about that but liked focusing on shoes. My Sister in law makes them though.